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Welcome back to slshs.net, the best way to stay connected to alumni from Southfield-Lathrup Senior High School in Lathrup Village, MI, USA.

We currently have 8,442 registered on this site in graduating classes 1970 to 2015.

Our most active area is the Forums, with 20,075 posts in 1,101 threads in 46 forums.

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Turkey Dinner
We all had turkey dinner at Jill's
We ate and ate, you know that kills!
I ate until I could no more,
and soon I headed out the door. ...
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Val Norberry (VanOrden) [1974]
Yesterday at 03:35 PM

Autumn sun
The sun is out for three days hence,
We all are aghast at this sunniness since,
Since most years in November it's spitting and cold,
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Val Norberry (VanOrden) [1974]
11/04/2015 02:41 PM

Beautiful Sunday in October
Skippy is waiting in the van for mom,
the colors of the trees are orange and warm.
The breeze is small, the sun is great,
the temper...
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Val Norberry (VanOrden) [1974]
10/25/2015 01:02 PM

MarySue and Bo
MarySue, Marysue, no one could tell her just what to do,
she had three loves, Don, beads, and Bo,
but what she dealt with,
only the ...
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Val Norberry (VanOrden) [1974]
10/23/2015 04:17 PM

Occultish October
Well, spooky October is here,
but you need not fear,
it's mild compared to November,
it's the warmest that I can remember.
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Val Norberry (VanOrden) [1974]
10/04/2015 01:59 PM

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