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Welcome back to slshs.net, the best way to stay connected to alumni from Southfield-Lathrup Senior High School in Lathrup Village, MI, USA.

We currently have 8,423 registered on this site in graduating classes 1970 to 2015.

Our most active area is the Forums, with 20,071 posts in 1,100 threads in 46 forums.

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Selfies & Farm
I took 2 selfies, and weren't they grand?
I took another one of my hand.
I deleted it promptly and started right over,
of Paul and ...
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Val Norberry (VanOrden) [1974]
10/06/2014 02:20 AM

Chimneys and Kroger
What a gorgeous day in September,
One that I will remember,
driving my friend to her daughter's
watching the town go by.

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Val Norberry (VanOrden) [1974]
09/30/2014 12:34 PM

Up with Sarah
What a beautiful day
for a drive through the town
with Sarah and Stephen,
We went on down.

Down to Sturgis
It didn't ...
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Val Norberry (VanOrden) [1974]
09/27/2014 02:37 PM

All the news fit to print
All the news fit to print
has taken a new sprint.
It's on Google, Yahoo, and World News Now,
It's something we get 24/7 somehow. Read entire blog...

Val Norberry (VanOrden) [1974]
09/26/2014 04:12 AM

Upon the Horizon
Upon the horizon
I see a light shine,
it's faint before dawn,
but I know that it's mine.

We've hope from above,
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Val Norberry (VanOrden) [1974]
09/15/2014 06:58 PM

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